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Christopher M. Overall Chair, C-HPP Initiative

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of Co-chairs, Drs Young-Ki Paik and Lydie Lane, the C-HPP EC and Principal Investigator council(PIC) members of the C-HPP Initiative, I welcome you to visit the C-HPP website where you will find updates on the recent progress on the project, scientific activities of individual teams and scientific publications. The C-HPP was launced to annotate public databases and initiate focused investigations to identify the individual proteins and their major proteoforms in the human proteome. To divide this enormous task up, the concept has been to have different national teams responsible for the proteins encoded in each chromosome.

In the years since the C-HPP initiative was inaugrated in 2012 at the Boston AGM of HUPO excellent progress has been made, reducing the numbers of missing proteins to ~10% of the full accompliment of the human proteome. As expected, the remaining proteins are increasingly more difficult to identify, most likely being expressed in either small amounts or in small time frames or in small numbers of cells, in development or in pathology as reactive proteins. Nonetheless, the dedication of the individual Chromosome teams is readily apparent, attempts to reorganize the C-HPP along different lines have been met with considerable resistance stemming from national pride, existing funding and well organised and functioning teams that are a credit to you all.

We look forward to fresh new ideas and innovative technologies to identify the remaining missing proteins and so complete the first phase of the annotation of the human proteome. Like the human genome project, the human proteome will be refined continually and new investigations of the many diseases afflicting mankind by the B/D-HPP as well as analyses of the many racial groups of humanity will undoubtedly reveal informative new variants of proteins or even new proteins that make up and define the mosaic of humanity.

We look forward to your efforts in joining this noble challenge and welcome you to join the C-HPP.

With kind regards,

Christopher Overall MDS, PhD, FRSC

Chair, Chromosome-centric Human Proteome Project