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Chronicle of C-HPP

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HPP and C-HPP History

C-HPP Launching Ceremony with 25 Country Representatives in Boston, Sept 10, 2012

2001.3.21Sam Hanash, 1st President of HUPO Organized 1st HPP Initiative (HPPP, led by Gil) in NIH
2005.4.24Nature suggested a role of HUPO in leading the Initiatives, Standardization and others. (Editorial)
2008.1.5~7HPP WS in Barbados discussed a frame of Gene-Centric HPP which becomes later C-HPP
2008.5.30Korean team (Y.K. Paik) takes Chr13 as a C-HPP target (1st C-HPP team)
2008.8.16Science reported a new movement of HPP during HUPO Congress, Amsterdam, Sept 26, 2008
2008.10.7JPR special report Chromosome-based HPP
2009.1.2ProteoMonitor reported new HUPO President's (Young-Ki Paik) plan to push and launch HPP
2009.3.3~4Russian and Iranian Teams selected Chr 18 and Chr Y as targets, respectively.
2009.3.27The concept of WG formation was suggested at KHUPO (by Sam Hanash)
2009.9.27HUPO council decided to drive HPP as major HUPO Project in HUPO Congress in Toronto and 1st C-HPP Workshop was held during HUPO Congress in Toronto.
2009.11.2HUPO leadership formed an official working group (WG) for HPP organization
2010.1.25HUPO HPP WG hosted the first workshop in Seattle.
2010.6.16C-HPP was officially organized with leadership (Chair: Young-Ki Paik).
Six more teams (Chr 3, 8, 17, 19, 21 and X) joined the C-HPP Consortium.
2010.9.19~21HUPO Announced an official launching of HPP which consists of C-HPP and B/D-HPP (HUPO Initiative teams were merged into B/D-HPP(Chair: Ruedi Aebersold)
2010.9.23HUPO officially launched HPP (Chair: Gilbert S. Omenn). as Major Initiative at 9th HUPO Congress in Sydney.
2011.9.5~9At HUPO Geneva Congress, C-HPP Principal Investigators Council (PIC) established its governance, C-HPP guidelines and formation of Senior Scientific Advisory Board (SSAB).
2012.9.10C-HPP was officially launched with full 25-international members in HUPO Boston Congress
2013.1.41st C-HPP Special Issue of JPR published
2014.1.32nd C-HPP Special Issue of JPR published
2014.3.27Two drafts of HPP were published
2015.9.43rd C-HPP Special Issue of JPR published
2016.8.24HPP MS Guidelines v2.1 were established.
2016.11.44th C-HPP Special Issue of JPR published
2017.1.24Publication of MissingProteinPedia
2017.9.17C-HPP PIC decided to extend the project term to 2027
2017.12.15th C-HPP Special Issue of JPR published
2018.10.1C-HPP neXt-CP50 (Characterization of unknown function proteins) Pilot Project Launched
2018.12.76th C-HPP Special Issue of JPR published