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HPP and C-HPP History

2007.11.1HUPO EC Received A Proposal on HPP (by John Bergeron, Canada)
2008.1.5~9Barbados, 1st HPP workshop (John Bergeron, Canada)
2008.4.24Korea Takes on Chr 13 (Official Project); Nature reported a movement on HPP
2008.8.16HUPO hosted the funders meeting as well as 2nd HPP Workshop in Amsterdam; Korea first reported on Chr-centric HPP on Chr 13. (Science, Sep 26, 2008)
2008.10.7JPR special report Chromosome-based HPP
2009.3.303rd HPP workshop in Moscow; Russia claimed Chr 18 HPP (MCP Reports)
2009.4.25Iranian team claimed Chr Y HPP.
2009.9.27HUPO council decided to take on HPP as HUPO Project and formed HPP WG
2010.1.254th Workshop: HUPO hosts 1st HPP WG workshop in Seattle.
2010.2.1HUPO’s Gene-centric HPP paper was published in MCP. White paper on HPP was viewed on HUPO web
2010.5.105th Workshop: 2nd HUPO HPP WG workshop in Montreal, Canada
2010.6.16Chromosome-centric HPP group elected Paik as chair.
2010.9.206th Workshop: 3rd HPP WG workshop in Sydney
2010.9.227th Workshop: 1st Chromosome-Centric HPP workshop in Sydney
2010.9.23An official Launching of HPP in Sydney Congress (BioTechniques reports)
2011.3.308th Workshop: 4th HPP WG/ Chromosome-centric HPP (C-HPP) workshop in Busan, Korea; (11 chromosomes were targeted: 2, 5, 8, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 21, X, Y)
2011.4.11CNPN Workshop, Canadian Claims Chr 6 and 21
2011.9.4~7Geneva HUPO Congress C-HPP Workshops
2012.5.5 Beijing AOHUPO Congress, 5th C-HPP Workshop