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C-HPP Leadership

C-HPP Executive Committee (EC) Composition:

We are currently in the middle of an e-mail election to fill up a vacancy in the EC sear as decided at the annual PIC meeting during the Vancouver HUPO Congress, 2015. Given that Chris Overall representing America was elected as co-Chair of the C-HPP consortium at the PIC meeting in Vancouver. The current EC composition is listed as follows.

Young-Ki Paik
Lydie Lane
Chris Overall
Peter Horvatovich
Fuchu He
Fernando Corrales
Daniel Figeys
Position Name Affiliation Remarks
Chair Young-Ki Paik Yonsei Univ., Seoul, Korea PI, Chr 13
Co-Chairs Lydie Lane SIB, Geneva, Switzerland PI, Chr 2
Christopher M. Overall University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada Chr 6 Group
Secretary General Peter Horvatovich Univ. Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands PI, Chr 5
WiKi Manager
Members-at-Large Fuchu He Beijing Proteome Research Center (BPRC), China Chr 1 Group
Fernando Corrales CIMA, University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain PI, Chr 16
Daniel Figeys Ottawa Univ., Canada PI, Chr 21

Member of PIC (Principal Investigator Council)

Ping Xu (Chr 1)
Lydie Lane (Chr 2)
Takashi Kawamura (Chr 3)
Yu Ju Chen (Chr 4)
Peter Horvatovich (Chr 5)
Paul Keown (Chr 6)
Edouard Nice (Chr 7)
Pengyuan Yang (Chr 8)
Je-Yoel Cho (Chr 9)
Joshua Labaer (Chr 10)
Jong Shin Yoo (Chr 11)
Ravi Sirdeshmukh (Chr 12)
Young-Ki Paik (Chr 13)
Charles PINEAU (Chr 14)
Gilberto B. Domont (Chr 15)
Fernando Corrales (Chr 16)
Gilbert S. Omenn (Chr 17)
Co-PI: Michael Snyder
Alexander Archakov (Chr 18)
Sergio Encarnación-Guevara (Chr 19)
Siqi Liu (Chr 20)
Albert Sickmann (Chr 21)
Akhileshi Pandey (Chr 22)
Tadashi Yamamoto (Chr X)
Ghasem Hosseini Salekdeh (Chr Y)
Andrea Urbani (Mitochondria)