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The C-HPP Workshops in Taipei (9/18-22, 2016)
16-08-02 09:10
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   A_Guide_to_the_C-HPP_workshop__First_Circular__8-1-2016.pdf (679.6K) [11] DATE : 2016-08-02 09:10:42
C-HPP Workshop in Taipei

For each PI, please let us know any designated person if you are unable to attend PIC meeting where we will have important elections. Except Bill and Jerome, we will count on you there.

We tentatively propose assignment of chr teams to 5 different clusters as described in the program. If you feel you want to join other cluster, please do so by telling us. We have a great flexibility for affiliation where each team has multiple affiliations depending on the scientific interest. Perhaps you can dispatch some of your colleagues to different Cluster.

Finally, keep in mind that you should register to Post-Congress HPP day in Sun Moon Lake by visiting "HUPO 2016 Registration site as guided in this document.

Please refer to the attached file for details.